Thursday, 25 August 2011

I'd forgotten about...

the blueberries.

T -6 days, and the first week's schedule is revealed! Exciting, nay? Yes, and I rush to the book to check out the recipes. Oh, wait, what is that? Blueberries. They cost a lot. In America I think they must be pennies, because all American cookery books seem to involve them in copious quantities!

Looks like I'm going to have to start tightening my yarn belt in order to purchase ingredients :(

Never mind all that potential knitting time I'll be spending in the kitchen instead! I wonder if there is a way to knit and cook simultaneously... *envisions a nuclear facility-style set up involving rubber gloves and plastic bags*

Ok, so I need to focus on the up side of all that lovely food we'll be eating! Consider, if you will, artichoke and basil pasta, and peanut butter fudge. For starters. Not literally. And not together. Ok it's clearly much to late for blogging, I'd better get back to my knitting while I still can!


  1. Sorry about the Blueberry expense, Sophie. I chose to do them first because they are in season and cheaper ($4 a pint) and I wanted to start with a breakfast food. But if you have frozen blueberries, they are generally cheaper and you can buy a bag that will last through several of the other recipes.

  2. Hehe, no worries! I have been considering substituting something like plums for the dilip though... Or is that too far off track?! I'd considered frozen blueberries, but we don't have a freezer :/ Maybe next door would keep them for us in return for a few muffins!

  3. Just noted your $4 a pint - so jealous! They are about £4 ($3 or so) for half that here.

  4. Plums are fine. You are allowed to substitute if you need to. There are lots of things in the book I'm allergic to so not every recipe will be exact for everyone. I find that bribing people with food can get you almost anything. ;)