Sunday, 13 September 2009

Family woes

As mentioned previously, my family aren't over-enthusiastic about ethical dietary requirements.

Today I finally told my mum - we were discussing a shirt she'd bought for either me or my sister because 'it was too nice to leave in the shop!', and it turned out it was silk so I said I couldn't have it as I'd made the decision not to buy any more animal-based clothing, even second hand. She asked 'so have you gone vegan now as well?' and I said yes. She sighed in a way that implied I'd failed her as a daughter. In response I did the mock exaggerated teen-angst sighing that she used to use on us as children when we protested about having to tidy our rooms or hoover the living room.

They'll come round, right?


  1. Did they come around?

    Reading your pudding entries makes my sweet tooth angsty. One of the main drawbacks of not having constant access to a kitchen...

    Vegan love from Germany,
    Jo xxx

  2. I think my mum is ok with it - she read this entry and denied having made that noise! My dad just thinks it's some strange foible and my sister bought me three vegan cookbooks as a peace offering (and a copy of the Veganomicon for herself!) but still doesn't really like the idea. So I'm making progress! Or they are.